RqWork   5.0.0.  Jun 2005. 
  • Visual  form editor
  • Fast syntax hilight
  • Project tree
  • Object inspector

    Nastase Eodor, Galati, A.Saligny 34, 6200, Romania



A free IDE for the rapidq compiler

Last update August 2004

easyrq.zip Sizescreenshot

Syntax highlighting
Objecttree & search
Search at remark,object and sub
Some trace obtions
Reverse engeneering of forms using the formeditor
Statusbar with firstvisible line counter
Preserving unknown objects (extended types) during the form editing process.


CodeEdit   - v1.2 

"CodeEdit started out as a semi-visual editor entitled “RapidQWorks” but was changed after downloading the CodeSense.bas program written by Dreadsoft® Corporation dreadsoft@yahoo.it that laid the groundwork for CodeEdit.

In this version you can create RapidQ objects from Forms to Sockets and just about everything else. Many of the methods listed for each object were designed for use in Subs and Functions, but for reasons of clarity were included in the design phase."

Created by Danny Jackson
With special thanks to my good friend: Dreadsoftо Corporation (manco un diritto riservato) dreadsoft@yahoo.it
Without whoose help and friendship this program would not have happened

Jens' File Editor -The Ultimate Editor for programmers

Very much thanks to L. and A. Oppenheim at School of IT, Swinburne University, Australia for the work of translating from German to English.

JFE was always quite usable.  Without any documentation however, it was commonly found that it was not possible to make use of the inexhaustible possibilities provided by the editor.  Now finally a remedy is at hand.   However, only the important things which differentiate this editor from others will be described.

The current version here V3.81     To Jens' Home page


RQ Debugger IDE  b.314
06.2005 Andrew Shelkovenko
1. It's beta version! No warranties!.. as is .. etc.
2. Form designer is not working.

Main features:
 Step by Step debugger Used for sub\function debugging
 Multiwindow  Open 32 files and switch to one using "Windows" menu item.
 Named bookmarks. You can set 32 bookmarks in every window
 Last Window, last bookmark swithing
 Projects You can save collection of Windows  and bookmarks as Project.

 Subs\Function list
 Compile capture,
set cursor to error line
 Open file under cursor
 Search selected block by mouse right click
 File manager. For quick search/view/load files
 List option for searching. Creates list of lines with founded patterns.
 Code and objects templates (For..next etc)
 IncFiles menu item. Creates list of $Include'd files for quick view\edit.
 Command line parameters, saved in Project
 Format text  menu Item
"Delete Led Spaces"
"Delete HotTabs"
"ReFormat with HotTabs indents"
"Delete Comments"
"Delete Empty Lines"

 Next\Previous Sub navigations
 Show current sub name in Main Form caption





PSPad editor is freeware programmer editor, usable for people who:

  • work with various programming environments
  • like highlighted syntax in code
  • need a small tool with simple controls and the capabilities of a mighty code editor



Eduardo is freeware.  Copyright (c) 2004  Achilles B. Mina
Eduardo is a source-code editor written in Rapid-Q, a compiler-interpreter developed by William Yu.
Eduardo was designed specifically for Rapid-Q and HotBasic, the former's super-duper hermano.
Subs\Function list
Compile capture
Code and objects templates (For..next etc)
Math evaluator
ANSI Table
Color picker


Contact Information
Taj Morton (programmer): tmorton@linuxmail.org
Webpage: http://basic-ide.sourceforge.net
Sourceforge homepage: http://sourceforge.net/projects/basic-ide
Source code in Pascal is available.


 RAPID-Q Basic IDE version 0.01
 Author : Pairat MSU Thailand
This project can.

1.  Support files : 100 files
2.  Object  component 
3  Object is born   Label , Edit , Button2
4.  Object can be move and resize
5.  properties not active
6.  Maximum form   = 100
7.  Code generate not active.
8. other ..... Look VIDE source

future................  you should be developed it, and post
Source files: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Rapid-Q/files/Vide.zip
it is  begining to develope. not complete ,but you con modifies and add othores object.



Hellionor IDE
Scarica la Hellionor IDE 1.5.0 (ALPHA) - 2.7 Mb
Not complete. Sorce code available


Serban Stanescu IDE
Not complete. Sorce code available
sserbanro 07/13/2003


t color="#FFFF00">RQ Project

RQ Project allows the creation and the compilation of a project.
A project consists of a source program BASIC, of an icone of application, options of compilation, files BASIC included and files resource.
The application compiled can be execute with or without debugage console.