Version 0.9
March 2, 2002
by Pete Kleinschmidt - petek1827@yahoo.com

The QDebug Component implements functionality similar to the Visual Basic Debug Object. It is
a very simple component that pops up a form containing a QRichedit box where you can print
out the value of variables and such. It is much easier to use than putting SHOWMESSAGE commands
throughout your code since you don't have to keep hitting OK all the time. Of course when you
are done debugging your code you will probably want to remove this component and all your
Debug.Print() statements from your final code.

To use, simply add the following line

$INCLUDE "QDebug.cmp"

to the top of your project and go.

There are three files included in this package.

QDEBUG.CMP This is the file that implements the QDebug Component
DEBUGAPP.BAS This is a small application that demonstrates using the QDEBUG Component
README.TXT Your reading it


Field Type R/W Default
Enabled Short RW 1 (True)


Name Type Description
Print SUB(StringToPrint) Prints string to Debug Richedit box
(Remember to convert numbers to
strings using the STR$ function)

This is somewhat of a midnight hack and there are probably better ways
of doing something like this. Sorry, I can't help with debugging your
code. However bug reports and suggestions for improvements are welcome.