' QHyperLink version
' -----------------------------

' Notes:
' Some stuff within this file needs to be taken out and some stuff needs to be
' added. So if you find what appears to be useless code, just remember that I'm not
' yet finished with developing this component (hey, it works dosen't it? ;))

' Documentation of revision history will start at versions greater than because I forgot what I
' revised... silly me :P

' An example program is included; right now, documentation isn't... except that which is given within this file.

' Disclaimer:
' You may use this component within your applications provided you acknowledge that it
' is distributed as as-is freeware and that it has been created by me - you don't have
' to document that within your app if you don't want to.

' ******************************** Special Thanks! *************************************
' * *
' * Peter Scheutz -- Thanks for sharing your QArrow component with the RapidQ community! *
' * Until recently, I didn't know how to implement rollovers within my RapidQ applications. But *
' * when I took a deeper look into your code, I woke up and figured out how to do it... *
' * and here's the end result ;) *
' * *
' ***********************************************************************************
' ====================================================================================

' The following bitmap resource should be placed in the same directory as
' this file: QHyperLink.occ