'WAD3.INC (c)07/2003 by Christian Tandler,
'E-Mail: stonecold@csgui.de
'HP : http://www.csgui.de
'WAD-Functions for Rapid-Q
'This library realize a basicly WAD3-Texture support for Rapid-Q
'I've written this code for my program CsWAD, a program to change the spraylogo in
'Counterstrike. The program uses this functions to show a preview of textures
'of WAD3-Files and save them as a BMP-File.
'You can download this little nice program and other CS-Tools at: http://www.csgui.de
'Place this file into the Include-Folder of RapidQ and
'Insert into your code with: $INCLUDE "WAD3.INC"
'You can use this code free of charge but at your own risk!
'Send comments and suggestions to stonecold@csgui.de
'Last change: 07/23/2003
'Many thank's to DrkShadow for some code snippets, documentations and support!