Rapid-Q Documentation by William Yu (c)1999-2000 Appendix A: CLIPBOARD


This object is global, and need not be created.

ClipBoard Свойства
ПолеТипR/WПо умолчанию

Format is a list of all the format the Clipboard contains. There are too may formats to fit on this page, not to mention all the custom formats you may have registered. Check your WinAPI help file for a list.
FormatCount contains the number of formats in the Format array.
Text specifies the current contents of the Clipboard as a string.

ClipBoard Методы

ClearSUBClear clipboard0
Deletes contents of the Clipboard.
CloseSUBFree clipboard for other processes0
Closes the Clipboard if it is open. The Clipboard can be opened multiple times, so the Clipboard will remain opened until it has been closed the same number of times it has been opened.
GetAsHandleFUNCTION (Format AS WORD) AS LONGВозвращает handle of specified format1
GetAsHandle returns the data from the Clipboard in a raw Windows handle for the specified format.
GetAsTextFUNCTION (length%) AS STRINGВозвращает text of length%1
GetAsText returns the text contents of the Clipboard. See also Text property.
HasFormatFUNCTION (Format AS WORD) AS SHORTВозвращает true or false if the format exists or not1
HasFormat indicates if the Clipboard object contains a particular format. Возвращает 0 if format is absent, non-zero otherwise if format is present.
OpenSUBBegin critcal section0
Opens the Clipboard and prevents other applications from changing its contents until the Clipboard is closed.
SetAsHandleSUB (Format AS WORD, Handle AS LONG)Set handle and format2
SetAsHandle places the data in the given format as a Windows handle.
SetAsTextSUB (Text$)Set text of clipboard1
SetAsText sets the text contents of the Clipboard. See also Text property.

ClipBoard Примеры
PRINT ClipBoard.Text

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